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What Leaders Must Drop

April 22, 2014

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  • Ego – always being right - learn instead; being better than others - get the nobility of all work – thank you Simon Bowen!; being popular - earn trust and respect instead.
  • Expectations – replace with clear and accepted agreements - convince, not dictate; operate from best intentions instead; make no assumptions – ask better questions instead.
  • Economics – the financially driven kind – it’s not working!; embrace a more sustainable model; pay attention to disruptive change; learn how to execute effective adaptation and innovation; understand non-financial wealth.
  • Exhaustion – you need to sleep and reflect more; your people need to too; you shorten your life and performance by missing needed sleep; slow down – thank you Claire Vanderplank!
  • Erosion – all systems and processes decay more rapidly than you think – review and re-invigorate; life-giving resources can deplete more easily than you think.
  • Escape – you will be held to account – what will your legacy be?

It’ll take courage, changing of habits and overcoming ignorance. Are you up for it?

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