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The Senior Leader Deficit

February 6, 2014

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Our world is changing rapidly. People now have access to almost all the information that exists. Even tightly held government secrets are now available for public scrutiny.

Admittedly there is also a massive amount of useless information, but we humans are great learners and we’ll soon find ways of filtering the rubbish. We’ll learn to discern and demand credible verifiable evidence.

It also means our leaders, particularly our peak leaders, need to step up and perform in accordance with their promises. The available information is revealing the lack of desirable results in all sectors.

We are seeing too many senior leaders setting undesirable examples, permitting unacceptable behaviour and being ignorant of unpleasant realities, until it is too late.

In this greatly connected world that means they influence, with their deficit, the behaviour and performance of the people they lead.

Examine the frustrated community and discover the uncaring minister.

See the disengaged workplace and discover the disengaged CEO.

Notice the delinquent youth and discover the dysfunctional parent.

These leaders are all senior.

It is the law of gravity. It all rolls down from the top.

Most leadership development is targeted at emerging, mid level and executive leaders.

Government ministers, company directors, C-level leaders and parents receive the least development that is effective and relevant to their roles.

They are all at risk. And therefore so are we all. Gravity you see.

When will there be an acceptance by these senior leaders that they still have much to learn?

When will they have the grace, self-awareness and courage to own up and take action?

There is a large band of professionals with credibility, experience, expertise and passion who can help, if only those leaders would explore the possibilities.

What do you think?

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