The Top 3 Causes of the Unhealthy Leadership Ego and How to Overcome Them

There are many talented leaders out there who are severely limited by their unhealthy ego. Here are the top three causes of that unhealthy ego: Fear They fear being wrong; being ‘found out’; losing their illusion of control; losing their position. They often disguise it with expressions like ‘I’m concerned’; ‘I don’t like’; ‘not right read more


The Four Strategic Targets to Overcome the Global Leadership Deficit

With too few exceptions, the effective leadership deficit is rampant in all sectors of the global community, in politics, commerce, community and family. Exacerbated by the fourth industrial revolution – artificial intelligence and robotics; by value chain disruption and the failure of traditional political and business models, there has never been a time when effective read more


Ten Annoying Behaviours of Less Effective Leaders

Do you ever get frustrated by some of the behaviours of your leaders? Here are some of the worst: Insisting on telling. The aim is to save time, though that doesn’t work, does it? Pretend listening. Punctuated by them interrupting the very explanation they might have asked of you.  You can see them pretending to read more


Disruption – Five Things Your Business Could Do Right Now

Whether you know it or not, your business is headed for disruption, either from the outside or better still, from the inside. Here’s what you can do right now to make disruption work for the business: Get absolute clarity about the one thing your business offers the market, that no one else can or does. read more


Leading into the Unknown

People ask their leaders for certainty, even when the evidence is that certainty is a rarity. Think of the experts who predicted that Trump couldn’t win. It is likely that most of our predictions will be wrong in some way, sometimes significantly. How then can we as leaders move forward into an unknown, unreliable future, read more