Leadership Can Change Your Perspective

John (name and identifying data changed) asked me to coach him. He’d recently been appointed as the CEO of his engineering firm, which provides turnkey process infrastructure. John is an engineer and for the last four years had been the senior engineer in charge of production output, reporting to the previous CEO. He asked me read more


An Early Sign of Failed Leadership

Your company appears to be doing OK. Sales are strong, even growing with new accounts. You have a few rainmakers doing a great job bringing in those new accounts. The rainmakers are well incentivised; the reward system is working.   Existing customer sales have plateaued, but that’s understandable in the current economic climate. Your CFO read more


Psychopath or Lacking People Skills?

With my background in leading covert law enforcement, I have received training and experience with the criminal psychopath. The difference between the criminal psychopath or sociopath (there is constant interchangeability of usage between the two labels – to me they are so similar as to be the same) and the workplace psychopath, is that the read more


How CEOs Can Avoid the Wrong Hire for a Senior Position

Gallup’s data shows that 82% of managers are ‘wrong hires’. As CEO, you are ultimately accountable for that error, aren’t you? The HR department can only go on what is given them and they are often so risk averse that they’ll not effectively challenge key assumptions that lead to the wrong hire. Untested role description, read more


What’s Your Style of Leadership?

The man in the grey suit approached as we were taking a coffee break in my presentation on the “12 C’s of Effective Leadership Behaviour” from my book “The Wheel of Effective Leadership Behaviour”. “So which leadership style do you advocate?” he asked. I paused then said “I don’t advocate any particular style of leadership.” read more