Diversity – the key to beyond Collaboration

Collaboration is a peak performance goal in business.   There is a reasonable belief that through collaboration we can harness the best of ourselves to achieve something great. Diversity in business is seen as a much lesser priority. The value of diversity is rooted in two principles: Equality (gender, race, age, disability, religion etc.). Richness and read more


Leading in Disruption

After five years as CFO Gary was promoted to CEO of the logistics company, whose long term competitive edge was document and parcel delivery within 24 hours nationwide to capital cities and within two days to regional cities. They were being challenged now by growing electronic document transmission and democratised parcel delivery. Gary’s charter was read more


Causes of and Remedies for the Dreaded Corporate Silo

I sat with my client June (not her real name) who was a recent external appointment as CEO of a significant engineering company. She was complaining about the silos between the five corporate departments and how they resisted any attempts to open up and deconstruct the silos. “What have you done so far?” I asked. read more


The Epidemic in Our Workplace

There’s an epidemic in our workplace that is spilling over to our personal lives – perhaps even spilling from our personal lives into the workplace. It’s been nurtured by social media, marketing and worst of all by some leaders. The symptoms are ‘selfies’, mindless Twittering, collecting ‘likes’ and ‘friends’, allowing one’s self to be upset read more


Two Critical Skills for Now and Beyond – will you acquire or improve them?

I’ve been working with senior leaders and technical or operational experts for nearly two decades in my role as a leadership consultant coach and facilitator. I’m struck with the number of people overwhelmed by the ambiguities, volatilities and disruptive changes of our times. I’m also amazed by the extent that there exists broken relationships inside read more