How to Rejuvenate Your Workplace

Sharon (not her real name) had completed our three-day executive retreat and returned to her workplace determined to rejuvenate her people. Sharon is an engineer and the chief operating officer of an infrastructure service employing 120 people. Sharon’s motivation to attend the retreat was that her people were becoming disengaged, productivity was slipping and the read more


The Too Often Unspoken Role of the Leader

We hear so much about the leader’s role being to create the vision, model the values, engage the people and so on, for the purpose of achieving the enterprise’s vision, deliver stakeholder value and so on. However, there is a role of the leader that too often goes unspoken and undelivered. What is that role? read more


Are Your Leaders Just Zoo Keepers?

Massive and disruptive change is upon the way we do business, the way we work, the way we govern, and the way we live. That calls for leadership that can execute on these main criteria: Do we have meaningful and lived values that guide how and what we think, say and do? Do we have read more


The Top 4 Signs of Broken Leadership

Large companies like big ships, take a long time to turn, slow down or speed up. Like the Titanic, when trouble is noticed it’s often too late. But for the time being, the figures/finances still look good or even great – though trouble is afoot. Those figures are usually historical such as last quarter’s profits, read more


The Sepp Blatter Syndrome

There are valuable corporate lessons to be learned from the FIFA scandal. For me the main lesson is the length of time a peak leader stays in the role, which is ultimately a succession planning issue. Whether a corporation of some sort or a government or even a dynasty, without a timely authentic ‘changing of read more