The Battle Between Ethics and Money

Last week Mark Zuckerberg made an adjustment to the News section of Facebook, vowing to have personal interaction reclaim the lead in Facebook activity. He said that he realised as a father he wanted his children to remember him for doing something that was good for humanity. The share price of Facebook dropped that day. read more


We Are Dumb About Money

Have you noticed that we are in the midst of the greatest “money-grab” of all time? We have placed money ahead of life. Everything is monetised, even our lives. Governments are seeking more money from their lenders and their people and are raising their fees whilst at the same time demanding suppliers reduce their fees. read more


Ban the Embedded Executive Bonus

I come from the military where traditional bonuses don’t exist. Our incentive for joining the military was exciting work (we were young) and serving our nation. Very quickly our incentives became and remain, the well-being of our team mates, our esprit de corps, and our interest in our work. Do You Recognise This? My first read more


The Three Abused Ms and Why You the Leader Can Get It Right

In the past I’ve been as misguided about what really matters as anyone could be. For the last twenty odd years I’ve being trying to make amends. I had fallen prey to the abused versions of the three Ms – money, marketing and media. Don’t get me wrong – money, marketing and media can have read more


Your Worth is Your Honour

We forget the true value of many things these days. Everything seems to be measured by its monetary value. Monetising everything seems to be the driver for so many of us. Yet money itself has no real value, it is merely representing value, if we accept the currency. The true value is our honourable effort. read more