The Millennial Myth is a Tip of the Iceberg

Stop, I say – we are all human with similar predictable needs, established over the millennia.

We need clarity of agreement about values, vision, goals, tasks and roles.

We need clarity about our value to the team, organisation or community.

We need acknowledgement for achieving agreed outcomes.

We need clarity about the possibilities for our future, whether about progression or retirement.

We need leaders who express and model consistent care and competence.

So please stop the alleged expertise about ‘millennials’ being different and ‘special’.

We are not that different from each other, regardless of era.

We need to be focussed on commonalities and co-creation, rather than separation by era.

I am an alleged baby boomer with a flourishing and growing business.

I have a son, daughters, friends and clients ranging from alleged baby boomer thru to gen X and millennial.

I am a grandfather of Gen ?? babies, if they survive the calamity of two mad ‘children’ slinging insults on the global stage.

The greatest calamity I’ve witnessed in my life so far, is the dilution of values and honour by ourselves and our apparent leaders, whether political, religious, commercial or personal.

All current political systems are broken.

We must get back to core values borne not of religion or politics (doctrine), but nature and common sense.

Extremists, exploiters of myths and self-serving academics who failed at the University of Common Sense, knock yourselves out!

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