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Why Attitudinal Competence is Critically Important Now for Your Workplace

November 4, 2021

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Right now, we are experiencing great changes in every aspect of life and work.

People are experiencing high level of stress and anxiety.

Workplaces are increasingly expected to deliver more with less.

Both leaders and team members are struggling. 

So are families.

Attitudinal Competence is your ability to adopt your best attitude regardless of what’s happened, happening, or might happen, and not get stuck with habitual attitudes that aren’t useful.

Attitudinal Competence empowers your resilience, positivity, adaptability and your self- and situational awareness. 

Do you think those attributes are important right now?

As you know, your attitude is directly linked to your outcomes – the better your attitude, the better your outcomes. 

It’s the same for your well-being – the better your attitude, the better your well-being.

Your workplace culture is the sum of all the employees’ attitudes.

Your family culture is the sum of all the attitudes in your family.

Imagine if your workplace, your family, was skilled in Attitudinal Competence?

Attitudinal Competence is an easily learned skill.

It’s not rocket science, it’s practical and rapidly learned.

If this interests you, explore more here.

Stay well, lead well.

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