Is Your Executive Team Truly Aligned?

Let’s face it; the executive team in any organisation sets the tone and the standard for culture and performance, doesn’t it? Those two components, culture and performance, determine both short and long term success, don’t they? Performance is also about innovation, not just achieving targets on time. If the executive isn’t fully aligned regarding values, read more


Never Avoid This Fundamental

Can you remember a time when you were acknowledged for having done great work? How did you feel? Too many people in the workplace feel they aren’t recognised or acknowledged for having done great work. The cost of not acknowledging great work is high – it leads to employee disengagement, frustration and a lowering of read more


Don’t Treat Everyone the Same Way

We have been taught that we are all equal. That is true regarding respect, justice and our humanity. But we are not all equal when it comes to our talents, skills and preferences. Too many organisations follow the mantra of ‘one size fits all’. This leads to people being deployed in roles for which they read more


The Downside of the Data Age

Driven by technology and economic volatility, the focus on data collection and interpretation is immense – and oppressive. Capable leaders are being forced to spend time generating reports on the implications of historical data. They are being turned into internal analysts and managers at best. Leaders of public listed companies are being shanghaied into spending read more


What Most CEOs Really Worry About Isn’t What They Tell You

I’ve seen various lists of things that most CEOs supposedly worry about more than anything else. At face value, these lists are always convincing because everything they include looks important. Here are some typical examples: Talent retention Operating in a global market Compliance Cost efficiencies Performance Productivity Usually, one item is missing, although it’s really read more