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August 15, 2013

The Best Return on Investment

Why is a corporation’s return on investment (ROI) benchmarked against current bank interest rates? I was once told that it was because you could decide whether to keep your money in the bank for no effort and little risk, or invest it in a business where the risks and effort are higher. I have since […]

August 8, 2013

Succession Planning Isn’t Enough

I constantly hear comments about whether one’s succession plan is in place or not. The organisations who claim they have a plan too often do nothing more than allow the nominees to stand in whilst the incumbent is away on leave, study, or deployment. They then wonder why succession plans often deliver sub-standard results and […]

July 23, 2013

Board Directors: Too Many Are Weak or Ineffectual

I’m horrified at the extent to which CEO’s and their board of directors are at odds with each other, and even more so when I learn of why they are at odds. I’m dismayed at the lack of real understanding too many directors have regarding what really happens in the business. I’m sick of hearing […]

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