Leader, Improve Your Story About Yourself

Many people who become leaders do so with self-doubt. I know, because I did too. What we think about ourselves becomes a story, one we tell ourselves. In my case, as a 20-year-old newly commissioned officer in the army, I had concerns about many things: Would I make a mistake? What if they think I’m read more


Are We Becoming Emotionally Weaker and More Fearful?

As 2018 kicked in, I gave brief thanks for missing all the negative Twitter & Facebook memes I heard about. I rejoiced when I noticed positive and uplifting memes. I gave thanks for my choice to pay attention to only those validated facts that contribute to my understanding of our world. I gave thanks for read more


The Australian Leadership Crisis

Not all Australian leaders are incompetent or morally bankrupt. Just too many in too many crucial positions. Such as in politics (all sides), where they’ve forsaken the good of the country for their own good. Such as the big banks where they’ve forsaken their employees, customers and shareholders for their own disgustingly generous and totally read more


The Five Contemporary Bottom Lines

I remember when there was once only one ‘bottom line’ – financial, i.e. profit. Next there was the double bottom line – profit and people. Then I heard about the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental. And then I heard about the quadruple bottom line – profit, people, planet and purpose. Now in read more


Can You Answer This Challenge?

I assert that all of the conflicts, arguments, wars, errors, accidents and mistakes experienced by humans, and solely created by humans, have only three root causes. Those three root causes are: Fear (includes related emotions such as anger or frustration and jealousy) Habits (includes beliefs and personal values) Ignorance (includes forgetting or not using what read more