Metattude’s Enterprise Hierarchy of Success Model

All human endeavour, whether individual or collective, has a hierarchy of success that, if sustainability is sought, is constant. It begins with the ideal – our values, what really matter to us. We then select a vision that expresses those values. We acquire effective leadership of self and others to live the values and achieve read more


Your Company’s Greatest Unmet Challenge

When I ask executives “what’s your company’s greatest unmet challenge?” they most often go silent, contemplating whether to articulate what they know, or which one to articulate. What I’ve discovered is that the unmet challenge is most often the ‘elephant in the room’ and closely associated with a ‘sacred cow’ or two. The ‘elephant’ is read more


The Central Beliefs of Really Effective Leaders

The diversity of effective leadership styles and their personalities is immense, ranging from the visionary humble and beloved leader to the feared dynamic controlling leader who gets people through crisis after crisis. The latter styles tend to be short-lived and fit for purpose. Whilst they get us through as crisis, they are damaging otherwise. What read more


The Epidemic in Our Workplace

There’s an epidemic in our workplace that is spilling over to our personal lives – perhaps even spilling from our personal lives into the workplace. It’s been nurtured by social media, marketing and worst of all by some leaders. The symptoms are ‘selfies’, mindless Twittering, collecting ‘likes’ and ‘friends’, allowing one’s self to be upset read more


What Effective Leaders Do Well

Committed leaders are continuously learning, seeking to hone their skills as effective leaders. The best of them do the following really well: Listen – they know that listening carefully, to ensure they understand what’s actually being said, is key to engaging effectively with their people. Notice – they observe carefully with full attention to what’s read more