Tips for Dealing with a Culture of Avoidance

Avoidance of dealing with unacceptable behaviour and performance can be a big part of the culture of many organisations across commerce and government, costing them loss of talent, productivity, innovation and opportunity. This avoidance culture leaves the organisation vulnerable to serious disruption by competitors who are more agile and performance focused with a culture of read more


The Top Skill Everyone Needs Now

The World Health Organization states that stress will be the MAJOR cause of disability in the world by 2030. If we are paying attention to what’s happening globally and locally we see that global economic uncertainty, the coming jobs impact of artificial intelligence and robotics, climate change and weird political swings to the right and read more


The Story of Two Colleagues Made Redundant

Gary and Kevin came to the insurance company as commerce graduates at the same time.  That was in 2006 when technology was beginning to noticeably impact business. Over a period of ten years they both progressed to the role of managers in their departments, each reporting to a general manager. Both were regarded well by read more


The Crucial Skill for Current Leaders, without Which They are Doomed

When you consider the challenges facing all organisations today, there is no doubt that organisational agility, adaptability and resilience is essential if the organisation is to thrive. That means the leadership must be agile, adaptable and resilient as well, if not firstly. How to become more agile, adaptable and resilient then becomes the key question. read more


The 5 Top Skills of the 21st Century Leader

We are experiencing evolutionary times. The rate of change is noticeably accelerating. Disruptive change is upon us. Technology, aging, population pressures, climate change, societal upheaval – they are all part of the picture. Leading others in these times, whether the family, community or corporate requires a set of skills that differ from the old ways. read more