Do You Know About the Senior Leadership Disconnection Syndrome?

Let’s call it SLDS for simplicity. What is SLDS? It’s when the senior leader is so disconnected from the coalface, where most outcomes occur, that the senior leader becomes ineffectual and the culture, engagement and productivity drift downward. It’s not the senior leaders’ fault. It’s the fault of the system and the lack of investment read more


The Death of Performance Management

“I’ve done it David!” my client, the CEO of a mid-sized professional service provider, told me, the relief in his voice apparent. “What?” I asked. “I’ve canned our performance management process!” he replied. “Fantastic!” I couldn’t help expressing. “I’ll bet you had no push back on that” I tested. “Well actually I did, but not read more


Is This How Trust Works?

We know how important trust is to us, don’t we? When I ask my clients to describe trust, they pause, finding it difficult to put into words, because it’s largely a feeling. So I ask them to comment on this framework: I assert that trust means: Our values are shared. We proactively care about each read more


CEO Saves Money and Re-engaged People

He’d had enough. There was too much bureaucracy and costs coming from his HR department and he couldn’t see a return on investment from what they were doing. So he did this, honourably and efficiently: Closed down his HR department. Kept one HR person to manage records and ensure compliance – there are software systems read more


The Performance Mastery App

Work is rapidly evolving. People are becoming far more conscious of what matters most and it isn’t just about work. People are well and truly over the old ways of performance management and command and control. They are looking for meaning, value, appreciation, being included and making a difference. Technology has enabled us to be read more