The Five Contemporary Bottom Lines

I remember when there was once only one ‘bottom line’ – financial, i.e. profit. Next there was the double bottom line – profit and people. Then I heard about the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental. And then I heard about the quadruple bottom line – profit, people, planet and purpose. Now in read more


The Top 3 Causes of the Unhealthy Leadership Ego and How to Overcome Them

There are many talented leaders out there who are severely limited by their unhealthy ego. Here are the top three causes of that unhealthy ego: Fear They fear being wrong; being ‘found out’; losing their illusion of control; losing their position. They often disguise it with expressions like ‘I’m concerned’; ‘I don’t like’; ‘not right read more


Can You Answer This Challenge?

I assert that all of the conflicts, arguments, wars, errors, accidents and mistakes experienced by humans, and solely created by humans, have only three root causes. Those three root causes are: Fear (includes related emotions such as anger or frustration and jealousy) Habits (includes beliefs and personal values) Ignorance (includes forgetting or not using what read more


We Are Dumb About Money

Have you noticed that we are in the midst of the greatest “money-grab” of all time? We have placed money ahead of life. Everything is monetised, even our lives. Governments are seeking more money from their lenders and their people and are raising their fees whilst at the same time demanding suppliers reduce their fees. read more


The Biggest Current Concern for Western Australian Directors and CEOs

Right now in Western Australia the biggest concern appears to be revenue, according to the feedback I’m getting from my CEO clients. Sales are significantly down. There’s a scarcity of new work. Contractors are being asked to cut costs. Suppliers are being squeezed. There’s a domino effect occurring. Frantic searching for revenue and cost cutting read more