How We Disrupted Executive Hiring

George (name changed), the CEO of one of our clients, rang me and said “David, we’ve got a problem”. Turns out that two of five direct reports to George were proving to be the wrong fit.  They were causing disengagement of talent in their teams and weren’t collaborating with the other three peers, an essential read more


The Story of Two Colleagues Made Redundant

Gary and Kevin came to the insurance company as commerce graduates at the same time.  That was in 2006 when technology was beginning to noticeably impact business. Over a period of ten years they both progressed to the role of managers in their departments, each reporting to a general manager. Both were regarded well by read more


The Simple Main Reason Why Most Organisational Change Initiatives Fail

If the collective brain doesn’t rewire sufficiently to embrace the desired change, the result is failure to change. It’s that simple. The many elaborate change models used by organisations have the astoundingly consistent failure rate of 70%. Most of those models do not adequately address the reality that change will not occur in the person read more


For All Former Military and Para-Military Members – What We Miss and What We Can Do About It

In the beginning, we signed up for the excitement and a higher duty we believed in. Quickly we learned that, also, we were there for each other. There was no bitter rivalry between us, though we did strive for our personal best. We were dedicated to our dual duties. We appreciated each other, laughed at read more


The Five Contemporary Bottom Lines

I remember when there was once only one ‘bottom line’ – financial, i.e. profit. Next there was the double bottom line – profit and people. Then I heard about the triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental. And then I heard about the quadruple bottom line – profit, people, planet and purpose. Now in read more