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May 16, 2022

Podcast #74 Difficult Conversations Made Easy, with David Deane-Spread – HOST, NINA SUNDAY CSP

David Deane-Spread is a hostage negotiator for business. He helps businesses having toxic people problems turn it around. “You cannot manage people, you can only lead them,” says David. “You have to influence, persuade, coach, support, champion, inspire and encourage them. You can’t just command them.” My questions include: What do you find is the […]

March 10, 2022

The Number One Skill Required of the CEO

I assert the number one skill required of the CEO is Attitudinal Competence – the foundation and core skill for improving emotional intelligence as well as…

December 9, 2021

What’s Better Than Collaboration to Transform Culture and Empower Innovation?

Much has been written about the virtues of collaboration, lately largely driven by technology platforms that do, in fact, make collaboration easier.

December 2, 2021

Be Honest, What’s the Real Reason You Chose to Be a Leader?

Was it: 1. For the Position, Power, Perks or Privileges? 2. To fulfill a dream of yours? 3. To serve others in striving towards a worthy vision? 4. A combination of 1 and 2 above?5. A combination of 2 and 3 above?
Or some other reason?

November 18, 2021

Do You Know What ‘OLART’ is and Are You Deploying It Effectively?

I don’t expect you’ll know what I mean by ‘OLART’ because it’s an acronym I created for this statement: Observe Always, Listen More Than Ask, Ask More Than Tell

November 11, 2021

8 Questions to Help You Make Work More Meaningful for Your People

Are you having trouble finding the right people to fill vacancies? Have you been disappointed by good people leaving? It’s a jobseekers market now, with people

November 4, 2021

Why Attitudinal Competence is Critically Important Now for Your Workplace

Right now, we are experiencing great changes in every aspect of life and work. People are experiencing high level of stress and anxiety. Workplaces are…

October 21, 2021

Are You Fearless or Courageous?

I just read a very well-intentioned article inviting us to be FEARLESS now. It’s fine to be fearless if that’s how you feel about the subject of your…

October 14, 2021

Is This Our Greatest Personal Challenge?

Our automatic thoughts come from our early programming. We act on them without pause.
We often regret them and wish we’d thought more before acting.

October 7, 2021

Is This the Secret to Your Greatest Freedom?

Imagine you have realised that there’s been a battle going on in your mind. It’s a three-way battle between ego, bias (your beliefs) and facts.

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