How to Rejuvenate Your Workplace

Sharon (not her real name) had completed our three-day executive retreat and returned to her workplace determined to rejuvenate her people. Sharon is an engineer and the chief operating officer of an infrastructure service employing 120 people. Sharon’s motivation to attend the retreat was that her people were becoming disengaged, productivity was slipping and the read more


Two Crucial Questions in Challenging Resistance to Organisational Change or Improvement

We are all facing continuous, even disruptive change or improvement, aren’t we? We have all experienced a natural resistance and even rejection of change, especially if it is forced upon us. Whilst most of us eventually accept change that makes sense, some of us are very resistant for a variety of reasons, such as the read more


How to Re-Earn Trust

Gordon (not his real name) had just been appointed head of his firm’s large regional office, after four years as a senior sales manager there. He was aware that it was an unpopular choice, having earned the mistrust of three long serving key people he’d criticised and re-deployed whilst in his previous role.    They were read more


Why Some Leaders Talk Too Much

Have you ever been with a leader who doesn’t give you space to have input? Do you get bombarded with what he or she says? Do you get the impression they don’t or can’t listen to you, only to what’s going on in their heads? Is there no thoughtful pause between their mind and their read more


Accountability in the Workplace – Why it’s broken and how to fix it

There are two reasons why workplaces lack accountability: Inept leadership Dysfunctional culture The reasons why the leadership is inept at creating accountability are: Inability or unwillingness to confront the issue effectively. They’ve set the low standard themselves by their own example. They don’t know how to reset the corporate mindset, or improve the culture. They read more