The Battle Between Ethics and Money

Last week Mark Zuckerberg made an adjustment to the News section of Facebook, vowing to have personal interaction reclaim the lead in Facebook activity. He said that he realised as a father he wanted his children to remember him for doing something that was good for humanity. The share price of Facebook dropped that day. read more


Your Leadership is Responsible for Your Culture

There are two ways to read that headline, and both are correct. The leader’s behaviour creates, or tolerates or influences the culture. The leader has a primary responsibility for setting or adjusting the culture. You can walk into a business and spend about an hour working and conversing with the people and be able to read more


Are We Becoming Emotionally Weaker and More Fearful?

As 2018 kicked in, I gave brief thanks for missing all the negative Twitter & Facebook memes I heard about. I rejoiced when I noticed positive and uplifting memes. I gave thanks for my choice to pay attention to only those validated facts that contribute to my understanding of our world. I gave thanks for read more


Diversity – the key to beyond Collaboration

Collaboration is a peak performance goal in business.   There is a reasonable belief that through collaboration we can harness the best of ourselves to achieve something great. Diversity in business is seen as a much lesser priority. The value of diversity is rooted in two principles: Equality (gender, race, age, disability, religion etc.). Richness and read more


Are They Deliberately Being A-Holes?

During the last few workshops I’ve been running for my clients, I’ve asked this question “Do people come to work saying ‘Today I’m going to be an a-hole?’” The overwhelming response has been “No”, then some said with a laugh “Except for…” Those that said “Except for…”  never meant themselves. The point is that no-one read more