How to Find the Right Person to Be a Leader

Are you shocked that Gallup says 82% of management hires are the wrong fit? The responsibility for that horrible statistic lies jointly with the company and their recruitment service provider. Resumes, referee checks and the usual interviews are not enough to make the right choice. Making the wrong choice is far worse than keeping the read more


Contemporary Root Cause Analysis

Sakichi Toyoda created the 5 Why’s as a technique to identify root causes of defects in manufacturing and production. The example used in Wikipedia illustrates how that works: The vehicle will not start. (the problem) Why?– The battery is dead. (First why) Why?– The alternator is not functioning. (Second why) Why?– The alternator belt has read more


The Core Skill Required for Business (and life)

How often do you have thoughts that make you feel things you don’t want to feel? Like being angry, frustrated, worried or helpless? Those feelings are caused by your automatic thoughts about what’s happening, or has happened, or might happen, aren’t they? If you act in response to those thoughts and their feelings, what could read more


How to Remedy Broken Trust

Kevin and John had a good working relationship, built over the last few years. Kevin had a new service he was offering through his website and asked John, his go-to person for website content, to review his website prior to the service launch. John promised Kevin that he would complete the website review by the read more


Fixing Your Organisation’s Performance Dilemma

Michael is a good guy. Most people like him. But Michael doesn’t deliver his work on time or at the right standard. He always agrees to the suggestions made to improve, but it just doesn’t happen. Do you know this guy or someone like him? Nobody wants to be the bad guy that gets on read more